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"Cloud Desktops are convenient for personal use and businesses alike. Companies are finding Cloud Desktops to be the simplest and most affordable solution for employees needing access to company data outside of the office. Resellers and managed service providers can also take advantage of Leostream's cloud desktop program." - CTAS

"Leostream Cloud Desktops offers users a full personal-desktop-computer experience that is accessible on most modern browsers on any platform. Providing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure/Interface (VDI) for businesses, it is easily accessible and has no problems that plague traditional hardware platforms. Overall, the service is a viable option for companies that need virtual desktops without the hardware constraints." - Cloud Tweaks

"So besides having Leostream put everything together for you, what else do you get by buying this from them? Leostream has a nice web interface front end that you can use to spawn VMs and manage your users, they give you the HTML5 connection capabilities with Ericom AccessNow, and they give you a simple pricing model (no need to figure out all of Amazon's variables by yourself)." - Brian Madden

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@Leostream. Always enjoyable interacting with @Leostream, no matter the platform! - MSP Builder

Apperian announces browser-based iOS remote control. Only a matter of time until @Leostream brokers it and we deploy iOS apps to WinRT :) - Gabe Knuth

Overview: Leostream Cloud Desktops #cloud #trends #technology via@cloudtweaks @Leostream - Cloud Tweaks

Thanks for the Great Work on #VDI @Leostream - Christopher McMillan

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